Wedding photography in Greece
φωτογραφια γαμου

Baptism Photography - Portfolio

Browse our favorite Baptism Photos stories. Stories that we want to share, stories that you are both the protagonists and the directors. We hope that each baptism can take you through the day and make you feel something.

Our approach to Baptism Photos

The Approach to the baptism photos is again a discreet record of the mystery since by nature the protagonists, the children, are spontaneous. Of course, it takes patience and perseverance from us but also the help of parents to achieve a good result. Before the baptism is the best time for the child to take pictures, so we suggest the parents to meet earlier at the church or in a nearby park. It is also possible in your home, if the weather does not allow for outdoor photography, so that we can photograph your baby calmer.


Baptism Photography Facilities

 Online Gallery

Sampling is done on a personal web page so that it is available from wherever you want and for whomever you want. They are stored there and you can download the photos in high resolution. Photos are password protected.  Sample Online Gallery


Image processing

Fully processed images in high resolution, with our style and aesthetics are available to you. We believe that it is the most important part of our work. Your wedding heirloom is definitely the album, but it is not unchanged in time, unlike the photo archives.


Slideshow for Projector 

Contains a combination of your photos, old and new from prevaptism (photography before baptism) but also one of the two. In addition to the presentation of the Slideshow on a projector on the day of the baptism, there is an additional photographic record of your child. 


Digital Albums 

Large selection of digital album covers and SlimBooks (Albums for parents and godparents) as well as wish books with your photos.


Photo Booth

We have our own PhotoBooth with special style and quality printing. We have a large variety of hats, glasses, funny disguises, etc.