Wedding photography in Greece
φωτογραφια γαμου

Favorite Wedding Photos

By looking at our favorite pictures, you can understand what we choose and what we are looking to capture in your wedding. From the thousands of moments our goal is to collect the essentials that will tell in a few words the story of your weddiing. Reality around us is not all that happens but what we choose to see. We just need you to be yourself and enjoy the day with your own people.

Our approach to wedding photography

Our approach to wedding photography moves more towards a discreet recording with clear influences than photojournalism.

Our images emphasize spontaneous moments and emotions that unfold the story of your day. We want to create images respecting photography as a means of communication but also of your personal moments. Human contact is especially important to us.

We do not want you to choose us only because we offer you a competitive service, but because you feel that you are pleasantly communicating with us and you would like us to be the ones who will have the honor and pleasure to record your personal moments. Also, we will not fail to take souvenir photos with family and friends if you wish, we consider them equally important.

General information about wedding photos

The following information will help you understand the variety of photo styles that exist and you may find what suits you best for your own wedding:

1. Classic wedding photography style.

This is how wedding photography started and continues for a percentage. The important point of this style is the careful and organized directing layout. The photographer directs and directs the flow of your wedding quite a bit, as it naturally absorbs your significant time from your guests. In the end the photo album is complete but quite predictable and “wooden” I would say.

2. Wedding photo photojournalism.

A fairly popular way of photographing in recent special years, involves a more spontaneous approach without interference and so many poses. The important point of the style is the sensitivity to the expressions, the right choice of the unique moment and the light by the photographer.

Many couples do not want to waste significant time with the photographer, but want to have fun with family and friends. There is more freedom and therefore more chances for a more artistic recording that lasts over time

3. Photographing the couple the "next day" at a location.

Many positives for the next day’s photo shoot. You do not procrastinate so much on your wedding day with your personal photos and you are more concerned with your guests. It provides a particularly beautiful result as you are relieved of the stress of the wedding day.

If your wedding takes place at night or the weather does not allow it we can have a second chance for some good pictures. There are several locations we can recommend.

4. Photographing the couple the "previous day" at a location

Pre-wedding photography seems more interesting but also essential, because it allows us to break the ice between us and you to gain experience with the camera. You will see that on the wedding day you will feel much more comfortable and pleasant. We can also take advantage of these photos e.g. making a wish book or slideshow on a projector for the reception.

5. wedding photo outside (Athens).

Our love for nature and travel makes us particularly eager for a photographic challenge outside Athens. In most cases, a wedding outside Athens has a more beautiful environment in contrast to our long-suffering Athens. It usually becomes a day where this also helps photographically.

Everyone’s mood is higher as we come in contact with the earth, its aromas, its landscapes and its people who live in more normal rhythms (or at least different from the capital).

Because we usually come for 2 or 3 days it would be good to agree (close the date) early enough to be available but also to get better organized. We have traveled to Santorini, Syros, Tinos, Monemvasia, Ioannina, Poros, Lefkada, Crete, Kythnos, Sifnos, Livadia, Parnassos etc Facebooth