Wedding photography in Greece
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φωτογραφια γαμου

Favorite Wedding Photos

By looking at our favorite wedding photos, you can understand what we choose and what we are looking to capture in a wedding. Reality around us is not all that happens, but what we choose to see. From the thousands of moments, our goal is to collect the essentials that will be told comprehensibly and in a few words the story of your marriage. We need you to be yourself and enjoy your day with your own people.

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The small moments
they tell the whole story


Love is that
that we need
in our images


Creativity is
the power that
inspires our passion

Here you can browse our favorite wedding stories. Stories we want to share. A couple full of passion… the result of a wedding story with a lot of liveliness and fun. A couple that is distinguished by romance and emotion … the result of a wedding story with a sweet and moving note. Stories that you are both the protagonists and the directors. We hope that every wedding can take you to the day and make you feel something of its own magic.

Our approach to wedding photography moves more towards a discreet recording with clear influences from photojournalism. Our images emphasize spontaneous moments and emotions that unfold the story of your day. We want to create images respecting the photo, as a means of communication but also of your personal moments. Human contact is especially important to us. We do not want you to choose us only because we offer you a competitive service, but because you feel that you communicate pleasantly with us and you would like to be the ones who will have the pleasure and honor to record your personal moments. We will also take souvenir photos with family and friends, we consider them equally important.

A photograph can identify a thought, an emotion, the scent of a landscape, the color, the feeling of the air, anything that passed in front of us and the click managed to keep it alive in our eyes forever. Such a click was the beginning of the inspiration for the creation of Photographic by us, Manos and Dimitris Mindrinos, since our love for art and especially for photography was transmitted very early by our father.