Wedding photography in Greece
φωτογραφια γαμου

Favorite Baptism Photography

By looking at our favorite pictures, you can understand what we choose and what we seek to record at your baptism. From the thousands of moments our goal is to collect the essentials that will tell in a few words the story of your day. Reality around us is not all that happens but what we choose to see. We just need you to be yourself and enjoy the day of baptism with your own people.

Our approach to Baptism Photography

The Approach to the baptism photo is again a discreet record of the sacrament since by nature the protagonists, the children, are spontaneous. Of course, it takes patience and perseverance from us but also the help of parents to achieve a good result.

Before the baptism is the best time for the child to take pictures, so we suggest the parents to meet earlier at the church or in a nearby park. It is also possible in your home, if the weather does not allow for outdoor photography, so that we can photograph your baby calmer.

Details of the Baptism Photography

The way we approach it requires a lot of shots to take some good spontaneous photos. A time consuming but also very important process after the baptism, the processing and the separation of the photos, the selection is made through thousands of photos. Our goal is to provide you with the essence as correctly as possible and without gossip, saving you time and effort.